Le Temp Healthcare are 100 % focused on the recruitment and supply of great staff within the Healthcare industry.

Employers who work with us can expect to achieve desirable and sustainable recruitment outcomes.

Our users benefit from being able to consistently increase permanent and temp hires effectively.
Are you seeking your next Healthcare superstar? if you are please do get in touch and see a real difference in talent aquisition.
Create your profile and Le Temp will get to work in finding you the very best job and employment position in the UK!

Le Temp are focused only on you and finding you the very best job you are our priority Le Temp support and deliver results also we will not send jobs that have no interest to you when we talk to you we will listen and deliver.
We pride ourselfs on our honest and understanding mission offering a complete hands on team support when you need it and at all times.

" Your Job Is Our Career "

Fixed Fee Recruitment by Le Temp

Le Temp was designed specifically to look after SMEs and small businesses' recruitment needs. During our research we set about exploring the issues that faced SME recruitment. Our findings indicated that SME enterprises were desperate for a fixed fee recruitment service where a modest low cost would come into play only once they had successfully sourced their new candidate.

Furthermore, our research highlighted that our target audience valued certain services offered by the traditional recruitment agency, including sourcing candidates, looking after the back-end administration (monitoring, analysing and enhancing advertising campaigns, filtering-out unsuitable CVs and dealing with enquires) and the scheduling of their interview diary.

Our goal was to see if we could merge these requests with a recruitment service that would enable us to achieve the objective of creating a new SME recruitment service. After detailed planning, we had finally designed the blue print for a new fixed fee recruitment service that would merge the core benefits of the traditional recruitment agency model but at a effective price.

Le Temp are consistently interviewing within Europe for good personnel that hit our high screening process ( all our staff are police checked from there motherland from Chefs to Accountants to Doctors ) every person hired by you would be police checked and vetted superbly. In addition to the personal services which require the human touch, our websites take care of the first part of the recruitment process.

Le Temp is a recruitment firm that does exactly the same as high street recruiters we use the same hiring tools but for a fraction of the price plus we offer a 6 month free replacement policy so if your new worker walks which can happen Le Temp honour to fill it within 5 days easing any pressures on your company in having to re advertise and extra costs.

Le Temp is run and managed by a team of recruiters with 10 years plus experience so we know what needs to be done without any misleading fees , swamping you with Cvs and avoiding your calls when it does not go to well. "Your job is our Career" and thats what our mission is at Le Temp simple and cost effective recruitment when you need it 24-7.